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Storing, Manipulating and Analysis Spectroscopy and Associated Data in R
Stores and eases the manipulation of spectra and associated data
A Bi-Dimensional Implementation of the Empirical Mode Decomposition for Spatial Data
R MSRaw parser
dplyrcalcite: dplyr connector for Apache Calcite
dplyrimpaladb: dplyr connector for ImpalaDB
RMDX is an XML/A OLAP MDX interface
MonetDB SQL client interface for R
RPentaho Pentaho CDA Webservice client interface for R
SAP Netweaver RFC connector for R
Outils pour comparer des listes
Models for Health Economic Evaluation
Access WHO Global Health Observatory Data from R
Simulate Election Results and Compute Disproportionality Measures
Simulate Election Results and Compute Disproportionality Measures
DNA CNV analysis tools based on fused lasso type of model
Tools for canopy health monitoring through image analysis
Determine if point coordinates are located on land
Parsing geographical coordinate strings
Personal R functions
R package for converting WKT to GeoJSON
R client for WoRMS
Misc R functions for INBO
A set of useful additions to xcms
Self contained gene set analysis for gene- and pathway-environment interaction analysis
Infers biological signatures from gene expression data
Polygenic Inverse Gamma Shifts
Global Univariate Minimization
Maximum Likelihood Models for Species Abundance Distributions
Gillespie Simulation of Ecological Communities Dynamics
Maximum Likelihood Models for Species Abundance Distributions
Covariate-assisted Spectural Clustering
Interact with PiLR servers via the API
What the package does (short line)
What the package does (short line)
Fit Probabilistic Index Models
Probabilistic Index Models
Cluster Analysis Extended Rousseeuw et al.
Harold Pimentel's basic functions
Mamabear: Ensures da bears are behaving
Biclustering by SCCA
Probabilistic Index Models
Fast and Stable Estimation of the Probability of Informed Trading (PIN)
Generalized Logistic Distribution
Sequence ('FASTA'), Annotation ('GFF') and Variants ('VCF') for 17 Samples of 'P. Infestans" and 1 'P. Mirabilis'
Probabilistic inference for Nucleosome Positioning with MNase-based or Sonicated Short-read Data
Easier access to AWS Redshift clusters
Check if a Remote Computer is Up
Multiple-Instance Logistic Regression with LASSO Penalty

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