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Machinery for Analyzing Baseball Data and Computing WAR
Data Associated with openWAR
An API for R for the MLBAM GameDay data
Bayesian Analysis of Heterogeneous Treatment Effect
Bureau of Economic Analysis API
Tool for extracting text data from decisions handed down by the Norwegian Supreme Court
Tools for Bayesian Categorical Data Analysis
A CanIStream.It API Wrapper
Machine Learning For Time Series
Multi-Label Prediction Using Gibbs Sampling (and Classifier Chains)
Interactive Visualization of Probability Distributions
API Client Library for 'Wikidata Query Service'
Create BEAST and BEAST2 input files and parse their output
BEAT - BS-Seq Epimutation Analysis Toolkit
Example using Geogebra and R
Small Area Estimation with R
Bayesian Spatial Econometrics Models with jags
Correct for batch effects in DNA methylation data
Quantifies effects of geo/eco distance on genetic differentiation
Econometer Gemeente Den Haag
Hamcrest framework for writing unit tests in R
Sparse and Dense Matrix Classes and Methods
Low-Level R to Java Interface
Matrices Backed by Binary PED Files (PLINK)
Genomic Region Processing using Tools Such as BEDtools, BEDOPS and Tabix
Easily Play Notification Sounds on any Platform
The Bee Swarm Plot, an Alternative to Stripchart
Extracts all tables from an xml in format xmlns="
Supporting function for working with (html,Flextables) tables in Rmarkdown
Detection Localization Mapping for QTL
Multi-Parent RIL Genetic Analysis
Selective phenotyping for experimental crosses
Download Historical Data from the Belgrade Stock Exchange
Simulating Whole-Genome Inherited Bisulphite Sequencing Data
Simulating Whole-Genome Inherited Bisulphite Sequencing Data
Machine Learning Tools
Transaction Data Analysis
Targeted maximum likelihood estimation for antibody measurements
Fit HMM and HSMM animal movement models
This package contains MCMC algorithms in R and Rcpp for various SCR models, including the spatial partial identification model.
Estimators for Covariance Matrices
Equality of Covariances for High Dimensional Data
Graduate School Reports
Likelihood Education Explore
PDF Poster Format for R Markdown
Graduate School Reports
Random Wishart Generation

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