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What the Package Does (Title Case)
Phylogenetic Monte Carlo
Doing meaningless things.
Parallel Model-Based Clustering using Expectation-Gathering-Maximization Algorithm for Finite Mixture Gaussian Model
Calculate Pairwise Multiple Comparisons of Mean Rank Sums
Microsoft(r)-Inspired Color Palettes
Book Companion for Processing and Modelling Financial Data with R
Poor Man's GUI
Poor Man's GUI
Minimal Working Examples for Particle Metropolis-Hastings
Processes Mining in Medicine
Various Utilities for knitr and inla
Penalized Multinomial Logistic Regression
Parallel Mixed Model
Generate PMML for Various Models
Transforms Input Data from a PMML Perspective
Partial Moments
An R package for the analysis and result reporting of RNA-Seq data by combining multiple statistical algorithms.
An R package for the creation of complex genomic profile plots
An R package for the creation of complex genomic profile plots
Probability Models for Ranking Data
Calculating normalization by median for a numeric vector
Description of package creation, giyhub connection, biocStyle vignette prepn
Generating Animation Timelines
Automate video demonstrations
R interface to the ffmpeg command
Redraw Base Graphics Using 'grid' Graphics
Importing Vector Graphics
Viewing Binary Files
Prototype glue system for openapi
Data Viewer
R interface to xdotool command
Data for the c3co package
Post hoc inference through JFWER control
Read and write PNG images
Profit and Loss calculation for financial instruments and portfolio's.
Probit-Normal Marginalized Transition Random Effects Models
Probabilistic neural networks
Lasso and Elastic-Net Logistic Regression Classification with an Arbitrary Loss Function
Prepare a package for a pull-request to a repository on
Extract Features from Continuous or Discrete Time Series
Stream Editing in R
Sego Miscellaneous
Simulating Community Assembly and Ecological Diversification Using Ecospace Frameworks
Lilliefors-Corrected Kolmogorov-Smirnov Goodness-of-Fit Tests
POC Data and Analysis Package
Dose Finding in Drug Combination Phase I Trials Using PO-CRM
Position-Dependent Kernel Association Test

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