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Parse Java Properties Files for R Service Bus Applications
Automatic Forecasting Procedure
Inference on Single Binomial Proportion and Bayesian Computations
Feature (gene) selection based on the Proportional Overlapping Scores
Calculating Proportionality Between Vectors of Compositional Data
Propensity score methods for assigning treatment in randomized trials
Miscellaneous functions for processing and sample selection of vis-NIR diffuse reflectance data
Provides a GUI for DAPAR
Data to Illustrate the Tail-Rank Statistic
Statistical Tools for volume data from 2D Gel Electrophoresis
Generates Various Protein Descriptors for Machine Learning Algorithms
Protein Profiling
Optimization of a multi-stage proteomic study
Statistical Analysis of High Throughput Proteomics Data
Transform public proteomics data resources into Bioconductor Data Structures
An R package for proteomics data quality control
S4 generic functions for Bioconductor proteomics infrastructure
Protein (identification and) quantification based on peptide evidence
Prototype Object-Based Programming
Thesis in Extreme Value Theory
Val-U-Sun project functions
Protobi R Library
Interpretable classification with prototypes
Hierarchical Clustering with Prototypes
PRocess TOol LIdar DAta in R
Fast and Simple Object Serialization to Protocol Buffers
The Proton Game
Inference on Prototypes from Clusters of Features
Generating Various Numerical Representation Schemes for Protein Sequences
Manipulate and Play 'ProTracker' Modules
Visualizing and Analyzing Mass Spectrometry Related Data in Proteomics
Reading and Analyzing Mass Spectrometric Search Results
Computing Dynamic SWATH Windows
Computing Dynamic SWATH Windows
Detecting significant changes in protein abundance
Helper methods for analysing data in the p1755 project
Visualizing and Analyzing Mass Spectrometry Related Data in Proteomics
Streamline Descriptive Analysis of Quantitative Data Matrices
Performs Service SRM and LFQ analysis
Compute False Discovery Rates Given Score and Target Decoy Information
GO annotation for uniprot
Statistical Toolbox for Sedimentary Provenance Analysis
Distance and Similarity Measures
Minimal Protein Set Explaining Peptide Spectrum Matches
Interactive visualizations of health data
Visualize reproducibility/replication in a comparison of studies
Templated Deterministic Statistical Machines
generalized probabilistic range ranker
Precision-Recall and ROC Curves for Weighted and Unweighted Data
Test of Periodicity using Response Surface Regression

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