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Qualitative Harmonic Analysis
Estimate the Coefficients for Non-Convex Penalized Quantile Regression Model by using QICD Algorithm
Quality Improvement Charts
Work with QIIME Output Files in R
R Interface to Qiita API
Cross-Screening in Observational Studies that Test Many Hypotheses Data input module of PIVOT
PIVOT launcher
Finite and Infinite, Discrete and Continuous markov chain toolkit
Processing Data for Quantitative Language Comparison (QLC)
Utility Sparse Matrix Functions for Quantitative Language Comparison
Visualization for Quantitative Language Comparison (QLC)
Estimation and inference for Q-learning
Quantmod Add-on
Statistical Transformations for Post-Processing Climate Model Output
Analysis of Subjective Perspectives Using Q Methodology
Quality Management: Examples from the concrete industry
Parser combinator in R
Differential RNA Methylation Analysis for Count-Based Small-Sample Sequencing Data with a Quad-Negative Binomial Model
Analysis of Health-Related Quality of Life in Oncology
A collection of R functions measurement researchers may find useful.
Multiple-Cycle Expectation-Maximization Calibration and Linking of IRT models
Modelling and analysis of real-time PCR data
qPCR data analysis and plot package
Data-driven normalization strategies for high-throughput qPCR data.
Estimation of genetic and molecular regulatory networks from high-throughput genomics data
Quasi-Potential Analysis for Stochastic Differential Equations
Constrained L1-minimization for Inverse (covariance) Matrix Estimation
Tests of Non-Nested Models
Q-Q and Manhattan Plots for GWAS Data
Permutation Based QQ Plot and Inflation Factor Estimation
Self Calibrating Quantile-Quantile Plots for Visual Testing
Animated Normal Quantile-Quantile Plots
A 'Shiny' Gadget for Interactive 'QRA' Visualizations
Tools that Create D3 JavaScript Force Directed Graph from R
A Novel Quantile Regression Approach for eQTL Discovery
Plain Table Markup Language
Quantile Regression Coefficients Modeling
QRcode Generator for R
Quantile Regression in Varying-Coefficient Models
Quick Response Code (QR Code) / Matrix Barcode Creator
Simultaneous simulation of Q and R mode factor analyses with Spatial data
Joint Estimation in Linear Quantile Regression
Quantile Regression for Linear Mixed-Effects Models
Provides R-Language Code to Examine Quantitative Risk Management Concepts
Data Sets for Quantitative Risk Management Practice
Tools for Quantitative Risk Management
Tools for Quantitative Risk Management
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