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Quantile Regression Forests
Growth Charts via Regression Quantiles
Nonparametric Series Quantile Regression
A test for when to use quantile normalization
Generic Framework to Analyze Trading Strategies
Quantile smoothing and genomic visualization of array data
Quantile-Based Spectral Analysis of Time Series
Quantitative Strategy Model Framework
Enhanced Quantitative Trading Modelling
Clustering Mutations using High Throughput Sequencing (HTS) Data
Automatic Differentiation engine in R
Interaction Prediction Between Groundwater and Quarry Extension Using Discrete Choice Models and Artificial Neural Networks
Rename numbered R scripts
Identification of mutational clusters in protein quaternary structures.
Toolbox for quasi random number generation.
Analyzing RNA Sequencing Count Tables Using Quasi-Likelihood
Quantify and Annotate Short Reads in R
Computes the Quaternary Dot Product Scoring Statistic for Signed and Unsigned Causal Graphs
An R package for qualitative biclustering in support of gene co-expression analyses
Bridge Sampling for Marginal Likelihoods and Bayes Factors
Functions to Make Surveys Processing Easier
This packages provides an interface for a queue class along with providing a uni-process queue class.
Computationally Efficient Queue Simulation
Analysis of Queueing Networks and Models
Calculation of Homology of Quandles, Racks, Biquandles and Biracks
Regularized sparse inverse covariance matrix estimation
Food-web structural models
Analysis and Visualisation of Ecological Communities
Population dynamics in the style of Yodzis and Innes (1992)
Doughnut Plots
Quickly Map and Explore Spatial Data
Fits Psychometric Functions for Multiple Groups
Build Regression Models Quickly and Display the Results Using 'ggplot2'
sxp r toolbox
Qualitative Interaction Trees
Summary charts of micro satellite profiles for a set of biological samples
Dirichlet-Multinomial Bayes Classifier (DMBC) for Microbiome Classification
Builds graph data structures from documents with spatial semantics
Quantile Ordering
qusage: Quantitative Set Analysis for Gene Expression
Quantile Universal Threshold
Convert confusion matrix to network graph
mHealth Format Support Package for R
mHealth Format Support Package for R
Data Processing Library for data stored in mhealth specification
R Package for QUTKE project
[Deprecated] R Package for UIBE project
Q-value estimation for false discovery rate control
Variables Selection for Clustering and Classification
Quasi Variances for Factor Effects in Statistical Models

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