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Talking to the JIRA REST API
Functionality for handling package libraries
Extended list functionality
Nested object structures
Management of customized (and nested) project/package options
Powerpoint from R
Illustration of R6 behavior
Extensions to the R6 package
Runtime environment for package development and application deployment in the context of the rapp framework
Reactive object bindings with built-in caching and push functionality
Local Package Repository Management
Dummy package
What the package does (short line)
Convience functions for selecting elements from R objects
What the package does (short line)
Tools for supporting package testing
Implicitly typed objects
Helper functions to create UML diagrams from R code
Processes YAML markup
Representative and Adequate Prioritization Toolkit in R
Functions to import data from Arc/Info V7.x binary coverages
Collection of functions for plotting relations, generating tables, and more.
Interactive plotting functions
More plotting functions and examples
Rater agreement
rawr miscellaneous
Analysis project and presentation.
Testing Gene-Environment Interaction for Rare Genetic Variants
Ecological and biogeographical null model tests for comparing rarefaction curves
Visualization of rare variants in whole genome sequencing data
Regularized Autoregressive Hidden Semi Markov Model
Identification and Assessment of Single Nucleotide Variants through Shifts in Non-Consensus Base Call Frequencies
Calculation of Rarity Indices for Species and Assemblages of Species
Solvers for Large Scale Eigenvalue and SVD Problems
Rasch Sampler
Supervised Raster Image Classification
Range Ancestral State Estimation for Phylogeography and Comparative Analyses
An Implementation of Rubin's (1981) Bayesian Bootstrap
Bayesian replacements for the most commonly used statistical tests in R.
Easily Play Notification Sounds on any Platform
Display calendar widgets using the FullCalendar javascript library
Connect to PostgreSQL datbase and realise diagrams
Geographic Data Analysis and Modeling
raster and external programs (FWtools, ArcGIS)
raster and FWtools
An Improved Wrapper of Image()

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