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The R Genome Browser
Interface to the Global 'Biodiversity' Information Facility 'API'
LS-TreeBoost and LAD-TreeBoost for Gene Regulatory Network Reconstruction
Hierarchical Modeling and Frequency Method Checking on Overdispersed Gaussian, Poisson, and Binomial Data
Regularized and Sparse Generalized Canonical Correlation Analysis for Multi-Block Data
A New Link Function that Blends Two Specified Link Functions
Calculates Study Size Required for Distance Sampling
A New Link Function for Binary Regression that Smoothly Combines the Log and Logit Functions
Helps Manage Outliers in Sample Surveys
R Interface for GCVPACK Fortran Package
Bindings for the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
Various R utility functions.
Tools to Generate Vector Time Series
Tools to Generate Daily-Precipitation Time Series
R packages for genetics research
R Version of GENetic Optimization Using Derivatives
Get Information from the GeoAPI
IP Address Geolocation
Interface to Geometry Engine - Open Source (GEOS)
Wrapper for the Geospatial Data Quality REST API
Build, Import and Export GEXF Graph Files
Interface Between R and 'GGobi'
Access WHO Global Health Observatory Data from R
Create quizzes in GIFT Format
Create quizzes in GIFT Format
Utilites for doing linear response variational Bayes in R
Micro credit LRVB stuff
Get Education Data from Massachusetts DESE Website
3D Visualization Using OpenGL
3D Visualization Using OpenGL
Convert the GatingSet from Boost serialization to protocol buffer format
GatingML interface for openCyto
extending openCyto framework at c++ level
Clustering for Flow Cytometry
Sequential Flow Cytometry Data Gating
Routines that don't belong to the core flow packages yet.
Cluster Merging for Flow Cytometry Data
Generalized Linear Modeling of FCM Data With Clustered Coefficients
A data package containing two flowJo, one diva xml workspace and the associated fcs files as well as three GatingSets for testing the flowWorkspace, openCyto and CytoML packages.
Generalized Estimating Equation Modeling of Beta Binomial Distributed Data
HIV Annotation
A Thin Wrapper around the ImmuneSpace Database
Luminex multiplex array manipulation and analysis
Model-based Analysis of Single Cell Transcriptomics
This is the data used for the MAST paper
Mixture Models for Single-Cell Assays
MIMOSA with baseline
Bayesian modeling of peptide microarray assay responses
Peptide microarray data package
Statistical analysis of peptide microarrays

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