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Minimal R package tested by Travis CI
WIRITTTE analysis
WIRITTE simulation
Approximate Functions With Interpolation
Interface to 'termbox'
Download Cats
Extract type information from C++ sources
Client for the Crate Database
High Level Enryption Wrappers
Simple Data Versioning
Example use of datastorr
Simple Data Versioning
Example use of datastorr
Solve Delay Differential Equations
Comparative 'Phylogenetic' Analyses of Diversification
Build Tools For 'drat'
High Level Enryption Wrappers
New Phylogenetics Data Structures in R
A GitHub Wiki Workflow
Numerical Derivatives
Generate Random Identifiers
Interface to 'Giphy'
Download a Kitten
Komogorov-Smirnov Importance Statistic
'Redis' Support for 'loggr'
(DEPRECATED) Make-like build management
Ode Generation and Integration
Port of Python's os.path
Provision a Library
Queue Tasks
Rainbow Coloured Output
Build Shared Libraries From R
Heartbeat Support using 'Redis'
R Bindings to 'hiredis'
Make-like build management
Fetch and search emoji
Remote Files
Port of FIGlet to R
Circular / Ring Buffers
Call 'LSODA' From R
Interface With 'MNIST' Collection of Handwritten Digits
R interface to odeint
Simple Redis Queue
File Locking
Simple MCMC With Templates
Report generation from plain R scripts
Steganography for R
Simple Key Value Stores
Berkeley DB 'storr' Support

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