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Bayesian Fractional Polynomials
'rrisk' project
Predefined Bayes models fitted with Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) (related to the 'rrisk' project)
Fitting Distributions to Given Data or Known Quantiles
BGAfun A method to identify specifity determining residues in protein families
Functions for the Logitnormal Distribution
Annotation and gene expression data retrieval from Bgee database
Binary Generalized Extreme Value Additive Models
luo wen's lego-plot tool
Bayesian Estimation in Generalized Linear Models
Bayesian Generalized Linear Regression
Bayesian Generalized Linear Regression
Utilities for Bayesian Generalized Linear Regression
Example BGM Files for the Atlantis Ecosystem Model
Bayesian models for differential gene expression
Gaussian Mixture Modeling Algorithms and the Belief-Based Mixture Modeling
Markov Beta and Gamma Processes for Modeling Hazard Rates
Tools for Working with Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSCs)
Miscellaneous R Functions
Basic Pattern Analysis
Inverse Estimation/Calibration Functions
Mission Design Series
Mixed-Effects Regression Trees for Longitudinal and Clustered Data
Partial Dependence Plots
Additional Matrix Functionality
Miscellaneous Tree Functions
Start-up Functions for Analysis
Calculation of Stark Maps for Rubidium-85
Block Gibbs Sampler with Incomplete Multinomial Distribution
Bayesian Group Sparse Multi-Task Regression
Brian's Functions for Data Tidying and Analysis
Create Directories for a Data Project
Standardized Functions for Working with Data from the EDW
Calculate ICU Morbidity and Mortality Risk Scores
Customized theme for ggplot2
Bayesian Gene eXpression
The Boost C++ Libraries
Boost C++ Header Files
R package for meta-analysis of breast cancer gene expressions
GISPA: Method for Gene Integrated Set Profile Analysis
Color Palettes using Colormaps Node Module
R Interface for searching CVEs using API provided by CIRCL.
Additional 'ggplot2' Themes Using 'Hind' Fonts
Additional 'ggplot2' Themes Using 'M+' Fonts
IP Address related utility functions
ESRI bindings for the Leaflet Package
Extra Functionality for Leaflet Package
Mapbox.js Support for Leaflet Widget
R Spatial Data for Tilegrams
Data Package for Gazetteer Files from U.S. Census Bureau

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