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Revealing differentially expressed genes using nonlinear dimensionality reduction for single cell RNA-Seq data
Revealing differentially expressed genes using nonlinear dimensionality reduction for single cell RNA-Seq data
R bindings for ImageJ
Read 'ImageJ' Region of Interest (ROI) Files
Extract the Colors from Images
An R Implementation of Implicit filtering algorithm
RImmPort: Enabling Ready-for-analysis Immunology Research Data
Using Cloudera 'Impala' Through 'R'
Access iNaturalist data through APIs
Access iNaturalist Data Through APIs
Indexing for R
R package usage statistics
Circular / Ring Buffers
R Investigation of ChIP-chip Oligoarrays
An Installation Framework for Shiny Apps
C++ Classes to Embed R in C++ Applications
R Individual Specialization (RInSp)
Wrapper for the 'Intro.js' Library
Metadata of PRIDE-database for R users.
Donuts for R-graphics
A Swiss-Army Knife for Data I/O
Analysis of Quaternary Science Data
Utils for IP4 and IP6 Addresses
R Image Processing and Analysis
RIPSeeker: a statistical package for identifying protein-associated transcripts from RIP-seq experiments
Bump Hunter
Convenience Functions for Routine Data Exploration
Converting experimental metadata from ISA-tab into Bioconductor data structures
Functions for reproducing analysis of classification
Basic Classifier Functions
Get all raw data from ClinicalTrial.GOV as of March 2016
High-Dimensional Ising Model Selection
Computation of risk-based portfolios
Risk plots
Computation of Risk-Based Portfolios
Computation of Risk-Based Portfolios
Risk Management
Risk Regression Models and Prediction Scores for Survival Analysis with Competing Risks
Riskset ROC curve estimation from censored survival data
Risk Quantification for Stock Portfolios under the T-Copula Model
Download Content from NCBI Databases
Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC) Data Analysis
The Right Editor to Write R
Filtering "malicious" calls
Bayesian Networks Playground
Integrated Taxonomic Information System Client
Randomization Inference Tools
Robust instrumental variables estimator
R package for RIVER (RNA-Informed Variant Effect on Regulation)
River Network Distance Computation and Applications

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