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Meta-Feature Extractor
Utilities for Multi-Label Learning
Steady and Unsteady Open-Channel Flow Computation
It is a gives a mearsurement of your R Code
Fits Flexible Conditional Estimator via Regression
Reversible Jump MCMC for the Analysis of CGH Arrays
Decision Trees
Recursive partitioning of longitudinal data
Performs Regularization on Structural Equation Models
A Clean, Whitespace-Sensitive Template Language for Writing HTML
Analysis of Data Acquired Using the Receiver Operating Characteristic Paradigm and Its Extensions
Bayesian Graphical Models using MCMC
Low-Level R to Java Interface
Make, Rake, Workflows etc for R
Light-weight graph package
Structural inference for Bayesian Networks and Variable Selection.
Teaclub wrangling
Provides access to databases through the JDBC interface
Miscellaneous useful functions
Discrete multivariate probability distributions
Mixed graphs and graphical models
Miscellaneous useful functions
R Implementation of Java Extensible Markov Models
Perform JIVE Decomposition for Multi-Source Data
Reversible-Jump MCMC Using Post-Processing
Bayesian hierarchical model for genome-wide nucleosome positioning with high-throughput short-read data (MNase-Seq)
Tools for managing the R journal
PDF ultilities based on the jPod Java library
R-interface to Gene Drop Simulation from JPSGCS
R interface of the Gateway to Advanced and User-friendly Statistics Service
What the Package Does (Title Case)
R Interface to SDMX Web Services
JSON for R
Consumer for APIs that Follow the JSON API Specification
Serialize R objects to JSON, JavaScript Object Notation
Read and Write 'JSON-stat' Data Sets
R interface to Python via Jython
R interface to Python via Jython
Using Apache 'Kafka' Messaging Queue Through 'R'
External Jars Required for Package 'rkafka'
R/KEA Interface
R/KEA Interface Jars
Using Keel in R Code
Datasets from KEEL for it Use in RKEEL
Java Executable .jar Files for 'RKEEL'
Methods for Changepoint Detection
Detection of Structural Changes in Climate and Environment Time Series
(Kernel) Isotope Niche Estimation
Fetch Klout Scores for Twitter Users
Random KNN Classification and Regression

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