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Make Publication Tables from Multiple Model Results
This is a test package
Coursera R Packages 2n Submission
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Downloads, Unpacks and Tidies Legislative Data from the Brazilian Federal Senate and Chamber of Deputies
Tidy RSS for R
Queries and information theoritic operations on Bayesian networks.
Simulations of Graphical Models.
A wrapper for RNeo4j
Really useful things done with graphs.
Converts biochemical reaction networks to pathway maps.
Signal Processing with Graphs
Local Ensemble Kalman Particle Filters
Lorenz Models
Simple Data Frames
All robertzk packages (
R package for grabbing Amazon reviews.
batbelt (
bettertrace (
Answering questions coming from learning theory (convergence rate, estimation of empirical risk, etc)
An R package for communicating with the hipchat API
package name (
lockbox (
An Interface for the Looker API
mappy (
module (
The R Base Package
mungebits (
parameterservr (
Productivus R productivity suite
Tools For Managing File/function Dependencies In R
RDS2 (
recombinator (
rnold (
rocco (
Rokogiri (
rprofile (
R message passing interface using S3 storage
Read and answer Stackoverflow posts from the comfort of the R interactive console
Statistics utilities
super (
Common mungebits used with Syberia projects.
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