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Regularized PQL for Joint Selection in GLMMs
Database Preferences and Skyline Computation
A Utility to Send Emails from R
DBI Connector to Presto
Estimating Disease Prevalence from Registry Data
Functions for Working with 'Eprime' Text Files
Adaptive Builder for Formatted Strings
Simple R/Processing Interface
Finding Files in Project Subdirectories
Advanced analysis of microbial flow cytometry data
R Interface to the 'Protocol Buffers' 'API' (Version 2 or 3)
Utilities for collaborative file editing using Firepad
An Extension of car's Delta Method Functionality
Foundations and Applications of Statistics Using R
Interactive grammar of graphics
Grading Utilities
Data sets for "Introduction to Statistical Investigations"
Datasets for "Statistics: UnLocking the Power of Data"
Datasets for 'Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data'
Project MOSAIC ( manipulate examples.
Utilities assembled by R Pruim
Rank Preserving Structural Failure Time Models
R interface to PSI-MI 2.5 files
Statistics for psychiatric research
Goodness of Fit Tests for High-Dimensional Linear Regression Models
Repeatability Estimation for Gaussian and Non-Gaussian Data
Repeatability for Gaussian and non-Gaussian data
rpubchem - Interface to the PubChem Collection
An Interface to the PubChem Collection
ProPublica API Client
R Interface to the Pushbullet Messaging Service
R Interface to the ProteomeXchange Repository
ArcGIS Geoprocessing in R via Python
Package Allowing R to Call Python
Quality Control Tool for High-Throughput Sequencing Data
R-based Qualitative Data Analysis
R-Based Qualitative Data Analysis
A package to bridge RQDA and tm
Integrating R with QGIS
Regression Quantiles for Panel Data
Penalized Quantile Regression
rqt: utilities for gene-level meta-analysis
Command-Line Interface for R/qtl2
Convert Data among R/qtl2, R/qtl, and DOQTL
Treatment of Marker Genotypes for QTL Experiments
Data Visualization for QTL Experiments
Genome Scans for QTL Experiments

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