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'SQLite' Interface for R
SQL Server R Database Interface (DBI) and dplyr SQL Backend
Descriptive Statistics & Distributions Exploration
Inferential Statistics
Tools for teaching and learning OLS Regression
A Collection of Methods for Singular Spectrum Analysis
Implementations of Semi-Supervised Learning Approaches for Classification
Simulation of Supply Reservoir Systems using Standard Operation Policy
Stack Data Type as an 'R6' Class
Persistent Fast Amortized Stack and Queue Data Structures
R Interface to Stan
Bayesian Applied Regression Modeling via Stan
Tools for Developing R Packages Interfacing with 'Stan'
Access to the Digital Universe Data set API
A Bit of Glue Between R and Stata
R package usage statistics
R Interface for China National Data
An Interface to Google's 'BigQuery' 'API'
A Simple S3 Class for Representing Vectors of Binary Data ('BLOBS')
R Database Interface
Testing 'DBI' Back Ends
Pretty Time of Day
Boilerplate for implementing a DBI back end
Database Interface and MySQL Driver for R
Database Interface and MySQL Driver for R
Experimental Rcpp Interface to PostgreSQL
'SQLite' Interface for R
Safely Generate Common SQL Strings
Loading Facebook and Instagram Advertising Data from
Bacterial Growth Curve Package
An R Package to Multiply Two Values
Interface to Snowball implementation of Porter's word stemming algorithm.
Random orthonormal matrix generation on the Stiefel manifold
Tools for Remote Sensing Data Analysis
Simulate and Develop Streaming Processing in [R]
Generalized Survival Models
Streams of Random Numbers
A Convenience Interface for the Stripe Payment API
RStudio Addins
Safely Access the RStudio API
Create Blogs and Websites with R Markdown
Abc Formula for R
Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown
R Interface to the Google Cloud Machine Learning Platform
Manage Environment Specific Configuration Values
Inter-Widget Interactivity for HTML Widgets
A Wrapper of the JavaScript Library 'DataTables'
Interface to 'Dygraphs' Interactive Time Series Charting Library
R Markdown Format for Flexible Dashboards
Data About flights Departing NYC in 2013

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