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European Nucleotide Archive Client
European Nucleotide Archive Client
Extract Text from 'PDFs'
HTTP Error Helpers
'InfluxDB' Client
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client for R
Farts and Cheese
'HTTP' Status Code Helper
'Ping' 'URLs' to Time 'Requests'
High Level 'HTTP' Client
Parser for .ini/.cfg Files
Install packages when offline
JSON parser
Marine Regions Data from ''
Taxonomic name parser
General Purpose 'Oai-PMH' Services Client
Client to Access 'Openaddresses' Data API client
High Level 'HTTP' Client
REST API from Static Files Hosted on GitHub
Interface to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility API methods
Consumer for APIs that Follow the JSON API Specification
Get 'Silhouettes' of 'Organisms' from 'Phylopic'
World Database of Protected Areas
Interface to the Wikispeedia API.
Clean Biological Occurrence Records
Add Environmental Data to Spatial Data
Match Species Lists Against Reference List
Get Species Lists from Many Data Sources
Client-side SOAP access for S
R extension for libxslt
treeshape fxns
R interface to USGS APIs
'webdis' Client
R facilities to read XML schema
Measure Growth Patterns and Align Sampling Spots in Photographs
Single-Case Meta-Analysis
Statistical Comparison of Multiple Algorithms in Multiple Problems
Single Cell Overview of Normalized Expression data
A Package to Score Behavioral Questionnaires
Score Persons Using the Generalized Graded Unfolding Model
Quickly Score Models in Data Science and Machine Learning
SCORER 2.0: an algorithm for distinguishing parallel dimeric and trimeric coiled-coil sequences
Proper scoring rules
Proper Scoring Rules
Scoring Rules for Parametric and Simulated Distribution Forecasts
General function to analyse MD simulations
Send 'iMessages' from R
The ScottKnott Clustering Algorithm

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