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Graphical User Interface for Seasonal Adjustment
Harvest policy development tool for SPR-based reference points.
U.S. Geological Survey seawaveQ model
htmlwidget for Mike Bostock d3.js circle packing visualization
Frequentist Model Averaging
Frequentist Model Averaging
Maps of Denmark
Personal R package of Sebastian Barfort
Access Tax Information for Danish Companies
ClockstaR: choosing the number of relaxed-clock models in molecular phylogenetic analysis
ClockstaR-G: ClockstaR for genomic data sets
NELSI: Nucleotide EvoLution Simulator
Macroeconomic analysis
Wave exposure from fetch and wind data
Wave exposure from fetch and wind data
RTutor Kyoto, Carbon Leakage and Bilateral Trade
Manipulate and animate plots (an extension of gWidgetsManipulate, a gWidgets port of RStudio's manipulate package).
Compound Specific Isotope Data Explorer
Data Frame Viewer.
Work with exported chromatograms from Excalibur
Model isotope fractionation in biogeochemical cycles and pathways
Read IRMS data from isodat files.
Process IRMS runs of N2O analyses.
Work with Isotopic Data in R
Work with Look at NanoSIMS data in R
RTutor problem set InnoComp
Clusters variables in Y into K groups with the help of variables in X
Analyse Your Personal eBird Data
The SecKW Distribution
Statistical Estimation of Cluster Parameters (SECP)
Spatially Explicit Capture-Recapture
Sampling Design for Spatially Explicit Capture-Recapture
Spatially Explicit Capture-Recapture for Linear Habitats
Sequential Co-Sparse Factor Regression
Access Data from the SeeClickFix Web API
Dispersal of seed routines
Simulation of Evolutionary and Epidemiological Dynamics
Statistics for Environmental Sciences, Engineering, and Geography
Age standardisation of malaria prevalence
Modelling and Analysing Human Movement Data
Streamlined Model-Based Geostatistics Functions for the SEEG Research Group
Streamlined Functions for Species Distribution Modelling in the SEEG Research Group
Provides various methods for influence mining
Tools for Ecological Network Analysis
Simulation of Ecological and Environmental Models
reading and writing SEER*STAT data files
SEER and Atomic Bomb Survivor Data Analysis Tools
Supplemental U. S. 2010 Census Tract Boundaries for 23 Eastern States without Registries for 'SeerMapper'
Supplemental U. S. 2010 Census Tract Boundaries for 15 States with Seer Registries for 'SeerMapper'

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