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Supplemental U.S. 2010 Census Tract Boundaries for 14 Western States without Seer Registries for 'SeerMapper'
Supplemental U. S. 2000 Census Tract Boundaries for 23 Eastern States without Seer Registries
Supplemental U. S. 2000 Census Tract Boundary for 15 States with Seer Registries for 'SeerMapper'
Supplemental U.S. 2000 Census Tract Boundaries for 14 Western States without Seer Registries for 'SeerMapper'
Sound Analysis and Synthesis
A set of tools for measuring spatial segregation
Annotation-aware segmentation via dynamic programing
Detecting Correlated Genomic Regions
Determine Event Boundaries in Event Segmentation Experiments
Regression Models with Breakpoints/Changepoints Estimation
A Fast Segmentation Algorithm
A Fast Segmentation Algorithm
Methods for identifying small RNA loci from high-throughput sequencing data
Spatial Exposure-Hazard Model for Exposure and Impact Assessment on Exposed Individuals
R Interface to markmap library
Routines for processing ROzone data
a package for manipulating data with PostGIS
Predict Information Cascade by Self-Exciting Point Process
Fast Rolling Functions for Seismology using Rcpp
An Information About Deputies and Votings in Polish Diet from Seventh to Eighth Term of Office
KoNLP static dictionaries and Sejong project resources.
Semiparametric elicitation
Chernoff Faces for ggplot2
O2PLS: Two-Way Orthogonal Partial Least Squares
O2PLS: Two-Way Orthogonal Partial Least Squares
Multivariate Normality Tests
Determines Species Probabilities Based on Functional Traits
Analysis of Field and Laboratory Foraging
Correcting Biased Estimates Under Selection
A Tool for Calculation and Optimization of the Expected Gain from Multi-Stage Selection
Tools for Post-Selection Inference
My First Collection of Functions
Estimation of Weight Functions in Meta Analysis
Translate CSS Selectors to XPath Expressions
Select Point Pattern Models Based on Minimum Contrast, AIC and Goodness of Fit
Selective Editing via Mixture Models
R Client Implementing the W3C WebDriver Specification
Load Data from facebook ads.
What the package does (short line)
Load data from api into R
Load data from Yandex Direct
Functions for analyzing SELEX-seq data
Select Features Reliably with Cohen's Effect Sizes
Genotype Probabilities in Intermediate Generations of Inbreeding Through Selfing
R interface to the Vowpal Wabbit
Minimal Interface Between R and Vowpal Wabbit
R / Vowpal Wabbit binding for GLMs
R / Vowpal Wabbit binding for GLMs
What the Package Does (Title Case)

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