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Collection and Analysis of Otolith Shape Data
Statistical Shape Analysis
Shape Selection for Landsat Time Series of Forest Dynamics
Chani Nicholas Weekly Horoscopes (2013-2017)
Engineering Evaluation by Gene Categorization (eegc)
Statistical Significance of the Sharpe Ratio
Moment-Free Estimation of Sharpe Ratios
R Graphics Output in LaTeX Format
A Soil Survey Toolkit
A Soil Survey Toolkit
Models and Data Sets for the Study of Species-Area Relationships
Models and Data Sets for the Study of Species-Area Relationships
Analysis with profile hidden Markov models
Informatic sequence classification trees
View, edit and publish phylogenetic trees in R
Analysis with profile hidden Markov models
Robust Estimation by Integrated Squared Error
Stochastic Mode Tree
Replicability Analysis for Multiple Studies of High Dimension
Immunoglobulin Somatic Hypermutation Analysis
Multi-variate ST modelling on globe
Various confidence interval methods for proportions
Sample Size Calculation for Various t-Tests and Wilcoxon-Test
Simultaneous Inference for Diversity Indices
SAVI Sheffield Accelerated Value of Information
Locus overlap analysis for enrichment of genomic ranges
Makes it easy to create R environments for different projects
A Simple Package for Caching R Objects
Web Application Framework for R
A package to generate time-series plots and occurrence scores from stratigraphic data
Tools to Support the Sheffield Elicitation Framework
Empirical Differentially Methylated Regions Calculation
R utilities
A data structure and four simple tools build upon it for sequencing data analysis
an interface between genomic intervals spread sheet data to flow cytometry facilities in R.
A graphical interface for multidimensional epigenome data exploration
Single Molecule Tracking
Test and visualize gene overlaps
Shen Bioinfo R
csSAM - cell-specific Significance Analysis of Microarrays
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Wei Shen' R utilities
Plot a Collection of DNA Sequences
Miscellaneous functions to deal with bioinformatic analyses
Simple functions to plot cv.glmet and glmnet
Generate a hexmap from position data
Bayesian infinite mixture models
Simple Levenshtein Alignment and Distance Calculation
Functions to Work with NCBI Accessions and Taxonomy
Plot Categorical Data Using Quasirandom Noise and Density Estimates

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