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Miscelaneous helper functions of my own
Send Messages, Images, R Objects and Files to 'Slack' Channels/Users
serializeR, automatically cache results of statement if required and read from cache if possible
Sparse Lightweight Arrays and Matrices
Fisheries Overviews for ICES Advice
Slope and level change
Estimation and Use of the Quantile-Based Skew Logistic Distribution
Software for Analyzing Limiting Dilution Assays
Functions for Gambling
4253H, Twice Smoothing
Commodity Market Risk Management in R
Data Sets from Ramsey and Schafer's "Statistical Sleuth (2nd Ed)"
Data Sets from Ramsey and Schafer's "Statistical Sleuth (2nd Ed)"
Data Sets from Ramsey and Schafer's "Statistical Sleuth (3rd Ed)"
Data Sets from Ramsey and Schafer's "Statistical Sleuth (3rd Ed)"
Haplotype Reconstruction Using Penalized Regression
Tools for Fitting Sparse Latent Factor Model
Synthetic Lethal Genetic Interaction
Maximin-Distance (Sliced) Latin Hypercube Designs
Create Interactive Carousels with the JavaScript 'Slick' Library
Slide Designer GUI Package
Singular Linear Models for Longitudinal Data
Sparse Linear Method to Predict Ratings and Top-N Recommendations
Dynamic Experiments for Estimating Preferences (DEEP)
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Analysis of Light Based Geolocator Data
Basic data processing for light-level geolocation archival tags
Sorted L1 Penalized Estimation (SLOPE)
Wrapper for PCARD algorihtm in Spark
Creates.R File From .Rmd Code Chunks
A tutorial for running CENTIPEDE.
Repulsive Text and Label Geoms for 'ggplot2'
Read HOMER motif analysis output in R.
Non-parametric rank enrichment test for binary data.
Get proxy SNPs for a SNP in the 1000 Genomes Project
Human Transcription Factor Targets
Discrete Prolate Spheroidal (Slepian) Sequence Regression Smoothers
A simple version of deSolve for a person who is not trained, qualified, or experienced in Differential Equations.
The R version of Indivaria
Longdo Dictionary
A simple R wrapper function for LexTo.
Functions for analysis of real-time quantitative PCR data at SIRS-Lab GmbH
Smoothing methods for nonparametric regression and density estimation
Stochastic Multi-Criteria Acceptability Analysis
Sparse Multi-category Angle-Based Large-Margin Classifiers
Datasets Galore!
Experimental Features for Time Series
Generalized Method of Wavelet Moments
IMU Data Package for the GMWM Methods Package in R

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