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Catch-MSY method for estimating MSY-based reference points
Tools for Accessing Various Datasets Developed by the Foundation
Interface to d3pie Library, built on d3.js, for creating clear, attractive pie charts
Interface to the datamaps Library, built on d3.js, for creating fantastic choropleth maps
Build Powerful Pivot Tables and Dynamically Slice & Dice your Data
A simple handsontable wrapper
Calls the sparkSHARK backend api
Online Unsupervised Outlier Detection Using Finite Mixtures with Discounting Learning Algorithms
Implementation of Smart SVA
(Standardised) Major Axis Estimation and Testing Routines
Send Emails Using 'Blat' for Windows
Let R Remember the Milk
Ensure values at runtime
Use Equality Assignment for Immutability
An Import Mechanism for R
A Logging Framework for R
A Forward-Pipe Operator for R
Pipe Friendly Aliases
Attach Remarks To Objects
Structured Query Utility for R
Simple Shiny/R Wrapper for ZeroClipboard
Analysis of BBS data using correlated occupancy models to examine relationship between range dynamics and climate variables
Estimate Strength of Migratory Connectivity for Migratory Animals
Optimal Binning for Scoring Modeling
Sequential Monte Carlo (SMC) Algorithm
Multiple Imputation of Covariates by Substantive Model Compatible Fully Conditional Specification
A simple Monte Carlo optimizer using adaptive coordinate sampling
Smoothed minimax concave penalization (SMCP) method for genome-wide association studies.
Data Sets for Statistical Methods in Customer Relationship Management by Kumar and Petersen (2012).
Sequential Monte Carlo samplers in S4
Fit Semiparametric Mixture Cure Models
Utility functions for sequential Monte Carlo
Sparse Multivariate Diffusions
Data to accompany Smithson & Merkle, 2013
Document Similarity
Sparse Multivariate Differential Equations
Symbolic Multidimensional Scaling
Smoothing-splines Mixed-effects Models
Statistical Methods for Regional Counts
R functions and data from Chapter 5 of 'Statistical Methods for Financial Engineering'
SMfSB 2e: Stochastic Modelling for Systems Biology, second edition
SMfSB 2e: Stochastic Modelling for Systems Biology, second edition
Create genotyping plate maps
Analyzing Dendrometer Data
Smooth Multivariate Interpolation for Gridded and Scattered Data
Companion to Statistical Modelling in R
Provides two taxonomic coefficients from E. S. Smirnov "Taxonomic analysis" (1969) book
Assign Properties to TNBC Patients
Sego Miscellaneous

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