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Spatial modelling
Identification of Mutational Clusters in 3D Protein Space via Simulation.
Classes and Methods for Spatio-Temporal Data
Spatial and Phylogenetic Analysis of Community Diversity
Spatially Weighted Context Data for Multilevel Modelling
A Set of RStudio Addins
SPADE -- An analysis and visualization tool for Flow Cytometry
Species-Richness Prediction and Diversity Estimation with R
Develop and Run Spatially Explicit Discrete Event Simulation Models
Software for Project AERO
SPArse Matrix
Mixed-Effect Models, Particularly Spatial Models
Spatial Panel Data Models
Search Partition Analysis
MR Spectroscopy Analysis Tools
R package for calling CNV from Illumina 450k methylation microarrays
Perform rare variants association analysis based on summation of partition approaches
Semiparametric Generalized Linear Models
Perform sparse hierarchical clustering and sparse k-means clustering
Client Side Load Balancing
Sparklines in the 'R' Terminal
'jQuery' Sparkline 'htmlwidget'
R interface to Google Slides
R Interface to Apache Spark
Read in 'SAS' Data ('.sas7bdat' Files) into 'Apache Spark'
Sparklines and Graphical Tables for TeX and HTML
Generate LaTeX sparklines in R
Load WARC Files into Apache Spark
SPARQL client
SPAtial Relative Risk
Sparse Biclustering of Transposable Data
Learning Sparse Bayesian Networks from High-Dimensional Data
Utilities for Learning Sparse Bayesian Networks
Sparse and Regularized Discriminant Analysis
Sparse Data Observations for Simulating Synthetic Abundance
Scaling Count and Binary Data with Sparse Factor Analysis
Functional Linear Mixed Models for Irregularly or Sparsely Sampled Data
Package for performing sparse generalized dissimilarity model including tools for gdm
Sparse grid integration in R
Sparse grid integration in R
Numerical Estimation of Sparse Hessians
Sparse Discriminant Analysis
Sparse Discriminant Analysis
Sparse Learning Algorithms Using a LASSO-Type Penalty for Coefficient Estimation and Model Prediction
RcppEigen back end for sparse least trimmed squares regression
Sparse Linear Algebra
Multivariate Normal Functions for Sparse Covariance and Precision Matrices.
Fit sparse linear regression models via nonconvex optimization
'Rcpp' Interface to 'sparsepp'
Sparse Bayesian Models for Regression, Subgroup Analysis, and Panel Data

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