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Stepwise normalization functions for cDNA microarrays
Subpopulation Treatment Effect Pattern Plot (STEPP)
Stepwise Forward Variable Selection in Penalized Regression
L2 penalized logistic regression with a stepwise variable selection
Fitting Step-Functions
Stepwise detection of recombination breakpoints
Stepwise Classification of Cancer Samples using High-dimensional Data Sets
Multiple Testing Method to Control Generalized Family-Wise Error Rate and False Discovery Proportion
Power and Sample Size Calculation for eQTL Analysis
Stereo Camera Calibration and Reconstruction
Small Library for Analysis of PacBio Kinetic Data using wavelets
What the package does (short line)
Aggregation of Distributions from Expert Elicitation
Predictive R-squares via the bootstrap
Utility for cleaning postal codes
Helper functions for ecological Bayesian item response theory in R using MCMCpack
Simultaneous Manipulation of Multiple Arrays of Data
Population-level moments
R squared statistics from fitted models
A personalized setup for R
Generates geograpic profiles from point pattern data
Copy number variation analysis from Ion Torrent SNPs
Simulate a Bus Route Creel Survey of Anglers
Writing some papers
Functions to analyze Ispirante data
Collect Data Programmatically by POST Methods to Google Forms
Helps Clean Your Text
Getting Help for Errors and Warnings
Simulates Random, Correlated Data from Existing Data Set
Data Validation
Quantification of Color Pattern Variation
Bayesian Modelling for Exon Arrays
Simulate Genetic Drift
Provides wrappers to FastQC from within R
Extra functions for the specific analysis
Functions used for matching motifs in DNA/RNA Strings
Provides access to some common NGS log files from within R
My regularly used shortcut functions
Final Project for STATS290
Anomaly Detection
PANIC Tests of Nonstationarity
Epidemiological Tool for Contact Tracing
Search a Git repository
Read and Write Matlab Files

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