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Bayesian mixture models for copy number polymorphisms
Convert segment data into a region by sample matrix to allow for other high level computational analyses.
Gene Set Analysis of (Rare) Copy Number Variants
Reliable CNV detection in targeted sequencing applications
CNVrd2: a read depth-based method to detect and genotype complex common copy number variants from next generation sequencing data.
A package to test genetic association with CNV data
Finding Co-occuring motifs of transcription factor binding sites
Different test statistics based on co-citation.
Manipulation of Codelink microarray data
A Normalization and Copy Number Variation Detection Method for Whole Exome Sequencing
Coordinated Gene Activity in Pattern Sets
co-expressed gene-set enrichment analysis
cancer outlier Gene Profile Sets
CpG Island Analysis Pipeline for Illumina Methylation Array and Targeted BS-Seq Data
coMET: visualisation of regional epigenome-wide association scan (EWAS) results and DNA co-methylation patterns
Combinatorial Polyfunctionality Analysis of Single Cells
RNAseq data simulation, differential expression analysis and performance comparison of differential expression methods
Tools for computational epigenomics
An R pipeline for .bed file annotation, comparing GO term enrichment between gene sets and data visualisation
Making Complex Heatmaps
Cell OrderiNg by FluorEScence Signal
Detection of consensus regions inside a group of experiences using genomic positions and genomic ranges
Enhanced copy-number variation analysis using Illumina DNA methylation arrays
Convert Microarray Data Objects
Functions to perform cancer outlier profile analysis.
Sexual dimorphic and COPD differential analysis for gene expression and methylation.
R package for calling CNV from Illumina 450k methylation microarrays
Copy number information from targeted sequencing using off-target reads
CoRegNet : reconstruction and integrated analysis of co-regulatory networks
Correlation Motif Fit
Detect the correlated mutations based on selection pressure
Analysis of co-knock-down RNAi data
Multivariate Correlation Estimator and Statistical Inference Procedures.
Co-Expression Analysis of Sequencing Data
cosmiq - COmbining Single Masses Into Quantities
Clustering and Visualizing RNA-Seq Expression Data using Grade of Membership Models
Empirical Bayes estimate of block diagonal covariance matrices
Gene set analysis methods for SNP association p-values that lie in genes in given gene sets
Conditional quantile normalization
CRImage a package to classify cells and calculate tumour cellularity
Design of target-specific guide RNAs in CRISPR-Cas9, genome-editing systems
Tools for counting and visualising mutations in a target location
Genotype Calling (CRLMM) and Copy Number Analysis tool for Affymetrix SNP 5.0 and 6.0 and Illumina arrays
Cross Platform Meta-Analysis of Microarray Data
Statistical tools for the analysis of ChIP-seq data
ChIP-Seq Analysis with Windows
ChIP-Seq Statistical Power
Cluster and Tree Conversion.

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