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Nomograms for Right-Censored Outcomes from Survey Designs
A package for complex surveys including plausible values
Approximately balanced estimation of average treatment effects in high dimensions.
Causal Trees and Forests
High-Dimensional Regression Adjustments in Randomized Experiments
Density estimation by quadratic programming
Confidence Intervals for Random Forests
Semiparametric tail estimation
SWALE: Simultaneous Waveform Amplitude and Latency Estimation.
Visualization, analysis and adjustment of high-dimensional data in respect to sample annotations.
Principal Characteristic Direction
Processing for CellProfiler Output
Image Quality Control for CellProfiler Data
Distance Measurements in Phenotypic Screening
Useful Functions For Multivariate Chemical Screening Assays
Tools and Plots for Multi-Well Plates
Scott's Misc Functions
Theta Comparative Cell Scoring
Titration Invariant Similarity Score
Axelrod Tournament
What the Package Does (Title Case)
A basic Rmarkdown editor with instant preview
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Install OpenCV Within R
Install OpenCV Within R
Basic Computer Vision Library
Simple Video Tracking Software
Functions to process video and image files with R
Functions to build a video tracking system with R
Ensemble Learning Algorithms Based on Support Vector Machines
Transform and Filter SWATH Data for Statistical Packages
SWATH extended library generation and satistical data analysis
A multi-OS implementation of the TAMU SWAT model.
Stepped Wedge Cluster Randomized Trial (SW CRT) Design
Tools for Analysis, Design, and Operation of Water Supply Storages
Utilities for Sweave Together with TeX 'listings' Package
Utilities for Sweave Together with TeX 'listings' Package
Genome annotation and data track exploration
Quest: Data exploration
Handling of Swedish Identity Numbers
Simple rainfall and temperature plot for OSR cropping season
Science-wise false discovery rate and proportion of true null hypotheses estimation
Miscellaneous Functions for Southwest Fisheries Science Center
Area Adjusted Roseplots via ggplot2
An Implementation of the Bridge Distribution with Logit-Link as in Wang and Louis (2003)
Event History Procedures and Models
Generalized Nonlinear Regression Models

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