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Science-wise false discovery rate and proportion of true null hypotheses estimation
Miscellaneous Functions for Southwest Fisheries Science Center
Area Adjusted Roseplots via ggplot2
An Implementation of the Bridge Distribution with Logit-Link as in Wang and Louis (2003)
Event History Procedures and Models
Generalized Nonlinear Regression Models
Multivariate Normal and Elliptically-Contoured Repeated Measurements Models
Lasagna plots in base and ggplot graphics
Logistic-Normal Model for Clustered Binary (Binomial) Data
Easy Tools for Transmission Reducing and Transmission Blocking Calculations and Modeling
Non-Normal Repeated Measurements Models
Utilities for Nonlinear Regression and Repeated Measurements Models
Probability Functions and Generalized Regression Models for Stable Distributions
weighted functional prinicpal components analysis
SwimR: A Suite of Analytical Tools for Quantification of C. elegans Swimming Behavior
Learn R, in R
Learn R, in R
A Toolbox for Writing 'swirl' Courses
A Toolbox for Writing 'swirl' Courses
download and format Australian Water Availability Grids
an R Package to reproduce the extreme biomass smoke event database
What the package does (short line)
manipulate postgres from R
R TAMET meteorology data checks
Database tools for use with the SWISH project
Air Quality Data of Switzerland for one year in 30 min Resolution
Multilevel Regression with Post-Stratification for Switzerland
Verbal Autopsy Data Transform for Use with Various Coding Algorithms
Utilities to train and validate classifiers based on pair switching using the K-Top-Scoring-Pair (KTSP) algorithm
Switch-like differential expression across single-cell trajectories
Switching nonparametric regression models for a single curve and functional data
Installing, Managing, and Switching Between Distinct Sets of Installed Packages
Publish Package Manifests to GitHub Gists
Retrieving, Organizing, and Analyzing Estuary Monitoring Data
An R Package for Simulating IRT-Based Computerized Adaptive Tests
Basic data processing for light based geolocation archival tags
Binary Mixtures of Linear Models
Parser Combinators for R
Telemetry Track Filtering and Simulation
Normal Mixture and Hidden Markov Models
Qualitative Network Analysis
Continuous-Time Correlated Random Walk Models for Animal Movement
Solar/Satellite Geolocation for Animal Tracking
Package to perform the AUPUS calculation.
Package to Balance the Food Balance Sheet
The package host standard check function for the Statistical Working System (SWS)
Calculate Feed requirements per country per year
Package to manipulate and aggregate observational status
Package to perform the computation of food consumption FAO food balance sheets
Package to perform ensemble imputation for various FAO domains

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