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Advanced Data Analysis of Immune Receptor Repertoires
MongoDB Client for R
Time course sequencing data analysis
Tools for tracking word counts of commits made to git repositories.
Assorted R functions to aid extraction of named entities using OpenNLP
Thomson One Fundamentals
Statistical Tools for Topological Data Analysis
Analyze High-Dimensional Data Using Discrete Morse Theory
Network reverse engineering from time course data.
A Boosted Tweedie Compound Poisson Model
Gene Network Inference from Time-Series Transcriptomic Data
Time-Domain Deconvolution of Seismometer Response
A package to analyze EEG signals
Interactive animations
Breakpoint annotation model smoothing
Constrained Optimal Segmentation
Direct Labels for Multicolor Plots
Convert ggplots to animations
Export ggplots to
Named Capture Regular Expressions
Compute the Annotation Error of Peak Calls
Peak detection via constrained optimal Segmentation
Joint peak detection via constrained optimal segmentation and supervised penalty learning
Penalty Learning
Parse and plot Makefiles
Support vector machines for ranking and comparing
Record GitHub package versions
Regular expression vectors
Efficient algorithms for sparse signals
Test that quantity
Fast, weighted ROC curves
Tool Box for Data Importation and Display
Produces Summary Statistics of Data by Groups
Tuned Data Mining in R
Multi-Hypothesis CSV Parser
Granier's Sap Flow Sensors (TDP) Analysis
Target Diagram
Nonparametric Estimation of Time-Dependent ROC Curve from Right Censored Survival Data
PiLR dashboard panels for activity_reference_app data
Basic functions for testing with pilr dashboards
A shim for Fitbit data to the PiLR system
Functions for GENEActiv accelerometer data
What the package does (short line)
Dashboards for use with APP+ data on PiLR
PiLR EMA Dashboards
Accessing and validating data from the Liitah mobile app
Functions for PiLR/NCI-333
Analytics reports for Homebrew
Logicle scale for ggplot2

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