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magrittr-lite (just the pipes; sans aliases)
Not Predicates and Set Operators
Digital Image Processing with R
R scripts and utilities for Flyception data analysis
Pairwise Distance Estimation with TKF91 and TKF92 Model
Cross Tabulation with HTML and R Markdown
Analyse der Fragebögen zum Führerscheinbesitz
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Analysis of cell/stimulus/gene expression data
Multi-pattern discovery in R
Styling of Graphics using Cascading Style Sheets
Analysis of thesaurus-annotated genomic variants
Writing pipelines in R
Re-usable holdout implementation in R
short R code
Utilities for EEG Analysis in R
TKoscik's Miscellaneous R Functions
TK widget tools for rgl package
TK widget tools for rgl package
TK Rplot
R based tk widgets
Implementation of the 3D Alpha-Shape for the Reconstruction of 3D Sets from a Point Cloud
Pretty latex tables
Parallel Derivative-free Moment Estimation
Functional constrained optimization
A package to readily write fast tensor expressions
Some utility functions
Non-Convex Optimization and Statistical Inference for Sparse Tensor Graphical Models
Two-Level Behavior Classification
Tools for Thermoluminescences Dating
Various utility functions
Basic geostatistics
Study the indicator transiograms obtained from multi-gaussian integrals
Trimmed Maximum Likelihood Estimation
Make music about PSFK
Look for patterns in my friends' usage of Facebook Chat
Sample statistics about directories of files
Sample attributes of files
A döner geom for ggplot
A taco geom for ggplot
What the package does (short line)
Node-packaged R modules
Play sound with webaudio Javascript library
Identify red flags of fraud and corruption in projects financed by the World Bank
Play R objects with /dev/dsp
Query RIPE Atlas
Query the database about Scarsdale's new property assessment
Analysis of music and speech

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