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Measuring the reproducibility of Hi-C data
Asessing statistical significance in predictive GWA studies
Hilbert curve visualization
High Throughput Chromosome Conformation Capture analysis
Copy number prediction with correction for GC and mappability bias for HTS data
Hierarchical Ordered Partitioning and Collapsing Hybrid (HOPACH)
Human Protein Atlas in R
Automated analysis of high-throughput qPCR data
Gene set over-representation, enrichment and network analyses for high-throughput screens
A NGS analysis pipeline.
Quality Control, Visualization and Processing for High-Throughput Sequencing data
Filter replicated high-throughput transcriptome sequencing data
Hybrid Multiple Testing
Visualizing Hypergaphs
A package providing hypergraph data structures
iASeq: integrating multiple sequencing datasets for detecting allele-specific events
Iterative Binary Biclustering of Genesets
Interaction Based Homogeneity for Evaluating Gene Lists
integrated Bayesian Modeling of eQTL data
A Tool for Individualized Coherent Absolute Risk Estimation (iCARE)
NPMLE for Censored and Truncated Data
Bayesian Modeling of ChIP-chip Data Through Hidden Ising Models
Integrative clustering of multi-type genomic data
Comparison and Visualization of Ranking and Assignment Methods
ID Mapping Data Retrieval
An integrated analysis package of Gene expression and Copy number alteration
Independent Hypothesis Weighting
Parsing Illumina Microarray Output Files
Analysis of high-throughput microscopy-based screens
A graphical interface for the metagene package
A Thin Wrapper around the ImmuneSpace Database
immunoClust - Automated Pipeline for Population Detection in Flow Cytometry
Retrieves data from IMPC database
Detection of DE genes in time series data using impulse models
impute: Imputation for microarray data
An R package for computing the number of susceptibility SNPs
Collection of Merging Techniques for Gene Expression Data
Analysis of 4sU-seq and RNA-seq time-course data
Integrative analysis of structural variations
Base Classes for Storing Genomic Interaction Data
Package for enabling powerful shiny web displays of Bioconductor objects
Base package for enabling powerful shiny web displays of Bioconductor objects
Intron-Exon Retention Estimator
Inversions in genotype data
Data management and analysis of ion trees from ion-trap mass spectrometry
Automated Optimization of XCMS Data Processing parameters
Isotopic peak pattern deconvolution for Protein Mass Spectrometry by template matching
Infrastructure for manipulating intervals on sequences

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