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Prize: an R package for prioritization estimation based on analytic hierarchy process
Generating SAM file for PSMs in shotgun proteomics data
Ciphergen SELDI-TOF Processing
Prediction of Oligomerization of Coiled Coil Proteins
Protein co-expression network analysis (ProCoNA).
Preprocessing of FIA-HRMS data
Profile score distributions
A unifying bioinformatics framework for spatial proteomics
Interactive visualisation of spatial proteomics data
PRojection Onto the Most Interesting Statistical Evidence
PROspective Power Evaluation for RNAseq
Provides a GUI for DAPAR
Statistical Tools for volume data from 2D Gel Electrophoresis
Transform public proteomics data resources into Bioconductor Data Structures
An R package for proteomics data quality control
S4 generic functions for Bioconductor proteomics infrastructure
Population-Specific Expression Analysis.
Graphical Interface for Alternative Splicing Quantification, Analysis and Visualisation
Proteomics Standard Initiative Common QUery InterfaCe
psygenet2r - An R package for querying PsyGeNET and to perform comorbidity studies in psychiatric disorders
Propagating Uncertainty in Microarray Analysis(including Affymetrix tranditional 3' arrays and exon arrays and Human Transcriptome Array 2.0)
Copy number calling and SNV classification using targeted short read sequencing
PCA-based gene filtering for Affymetrix arrays
Principal Variance Component Analysis (PVCA)
Peptide Annotation and Data Visualization using Gviz
PWM enrichment analysis
Pathway-based data integration of omics data
A Framework for Quality Control
Quantitative DNA sequencing for chromosomal aberrations
Data-driven normalization strategies for high-throughput qPCR data.
Estimation of genetic and molecular regulatory networks from high-throughput genomics data
Quick Read Quality Control
IP-seq data analysis and vizualization
Quality Control of Gated Flow Cytometry Experiments
A test for when to use quantile normalization
Quantile smoothing and genomic visualization of array data
Identification of mutational clusters in protein quaternary structures.
Quantify and Annotate Short Reads in R
Computes the Quaternary Dot Product Scoring Statistic for Signed and Unsigned Causal Graphs
An R package for qualitative biclustering in support of gene co-expression analyses
qusage: Quantitative Set Analysis for Gene Expression
Q-value estimation for false discovery rate control
3CPET: Finding Co-factor Complexes in Chia-PET experiment using a Hierarchical Dirichlet Process
Analysis of Chromosome Conformation Capture and Next-generation Sequencing (3C-seq)
A package for importing and analyzing data from Roche's Genome Sequencer System
An R package for RNA visualization and analysis
Rhythmicity Analysis Incorporating Non-parametric Methods
Robust Analysis of MicroArrays
AmiGO visualize R interface
Fast Methylome-Wide Association Study Pipeline for Enrichment Platforms

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