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R Client for Seven Bridges Platform API
SBML-R Interface and Analysis Tools
Single-Cell Consensus Clustering
Single-channel array normalization (SCAN) and Universal exPression Codes (UPC)
Single-cell analysis toolkit for gene expression data in R
Mixture modeling of single-cell RNA-seq data to indentify genes with differential distributions
Single Cell Differential Expression
In Silico Interactome
Single Cell Overview of Normalized Expression data
Methods for Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data Analysis
SiRNA correction for seed mediated off-target effect
Methods for identifying small RNA loci from high-throughput sequencing data
Functions for analyzing SELEX-seq data
a novel tool for functional gene-set (or termed as pathway) analysis of next-generation sequencing data
Estimation of per-position bias in high-throughput sequencing data
Copy number analysis of high-throughput sequencing cancer data
Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) of RNA-Seq Data: integrating differential expression and splicing
Sequence logos for DNA sequence alignments
Visualising oligonucleotide patterns and motif occurrences across a set of sorted sequences
An interactive tool for visualizing NGS signals and sequence motif densities along genomic features using average plots and heatmaps
Analysis of nucleotide, sequence and quality content on fastq files.
Tools for variant data
Seven Bridges Platform API Client and Common Workflow Language Tool Builder in R
Splice event prediction and quantification from RNA-seq data
Interactive visualization for Illumina methylation arrays
Provides a GUI for rTANDEM
FASTQ input and manipulation
Find SNV/Indel differences between two bam files with near relationship
Statistics for Integrative Genomics Analyses in R
Check a gene signature's prognostic performance against random signatures, known signatures, and permuted data/metadata
Multiple testing using SAM and Efron's empirical Bayes approaches
Statistics and dIagnostic Graphs for HTS
Empirical Bayesian approach to mutational signature discovery
Pathway Analysis
Gene signature generation for functionally validated signaling pathways
Integrated Analysis on two human genomic datasets
GC-SIM-MS data processing and alaysis tool
Similar Binding Profiles
Metrics to estimate a level of similarity between two ChIP-Seq profiles
Title: SIMLR: Single-cell Interpretation via Multi-kernel LeaRning
Very simple high level analysis of Affymetrix data
Simulator for Collections of Independent Genomic Data Sets
R package for the statistical assessment of cell state hierarchies from single-cell RNA-seq data
SISPA: Method for Sample Integrated Set Profile Analysis
Sample Size and Power Calculation in Micorarray Studies
The Omegahat interface for R and Java
Synthetic Lethal Genetic Interaction
A Segmental Maximum A Posteriori Approach to Array-CGH Copy Number Profiling

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