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The Omegahat interface for R and Java
Synthetic Lethal Genetic Interaction
A Segmental Maximum A Posteriori Approach to Array-CGH Copy Number Profiling
Significance-based Modules Integrating the Transcriptome and Epigenome
Signal-to-Noise applied to Gene Expression Experiments
Segmentation, normalisation and processing of aCGH data.
Supervised Normalization of Microarrays
Visualizations for copy number alterations
Query data from SNPedia
SNPhood: Investigate, quantify and visualise the epigenomic neighbourhood of SNPs using NGS data
Parallel Computing Toolset for Relatedness and Principal Component Analysis of SNP Data
SnpMatrix and XSnpMatrix classes and methods
Visualise ChIP-seq, MNase-seq and motif occurrence as aggregate plots Summarised Over Grouped Genomic Intervals
SomatiCA: identifying, characterizing, and quantifying somatic copy number aberrations from cancer genome sequencing
Somatic Signatures
Identification of Mutational Clusters in 3D Protein Space via Simulation.
SPADE -- An analysis and visualization tool for Flow Cytometry
Sparse Data Observations for Simulating Synthetic Abundance
specL - Prepare Peptide Spectrum Matches for Use in Targeted Proteomics
Condition specific detection from expression data
S-system parameter estimation method
Signaling Pathway Impact Analysis (SPIA) using combined evidence of pathway over-representation and unusual signaling perturbations
SpidermiR: An R/Bioconductor package for integrative network analysis with miRNA data
Affymetrix Spike-in Langmuir Isotherm Data Analysis Tool
Simple Simulation of Single-cell RNA Sequencing Data
Classification of alternative splicing and prediction of coding potential from RNA-seq data.
A bioconductor package for exploration of alignment gap positions from RNA-seq data
Create, manipulate, visualize splicing graphs, and assign RNA-seq reads to them
Time-course differential gene expression data analysis using spline regression models followed by gene association network reconstruction
Time-course differential gene expression data analysis using spline regression models followed by gene association network reconstruction
Splice Interpreter Of Transcripts
Visualization of high-throughput assays in microtitre plate or slide format
Microarray Spot Segmentation and Gridding for Blocks of Microarray Spots
Add-on of the SQUAD Software
A compilation of metadata from NCBI SRA and tools
Simplified RNA-Seq Analysis Pipeline
SRGnet: An R package for studying synergistic response to gene mutations from transcriptomics data from transcriptomics data
S-Score Algorithm for Affymetrix Oligonucleotide Microarrays
Strength of Selected Codon Usage
Shrinkage estimation of dispersion in Negative Binomial models for RNA-seq experiments with small sample size
Estimate Microarray Sample Size
General Sample Size and Power Analysis for Microarray and Next-Generation Sequencing Data
A small RNA-seq visualizer and analysis toolkit
The genomic STate ANnotation package
Stability Ranking
Simple tiling array analysis of Affymetrix ChIP-chip data
Classes and methods for multi-omics data integration

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