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Functions for combining hyperspectral data with phylogenies and other traits
PCM for Hybridization
PCM for Hybridization
Creates Exercises From Solutions
Code for compiling CVs from ORCID
Evolution of leaf spectra
Convert GRE scores to percentiles
Phylogeography using Approximate Likelihood
Basic functions for phylogenetic analysis
Does simulations in diversitree (later, others), stopping every certain amount of time
Prepares trees for uploading to Open Tree of Life
Visualizations for instantaneous rate matrices
Selection Models for Amino Acid and/or Codon Evolution
Using ABC to understand trait evolution
Various utility functions. Think phytools, but less helpful.
An Improved Multiple Testing Procedure for Controlling False Discovery Rates
Data management utility support for REDCap repositories
Data Quality Assurance
For daily usage of Bonny&Read
Reproducible, Accessible & Shareable Species Distribution Modelling
Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown
Boolean Binary Response Models
Optimal Estimation of Partially Observed Boolean Dynamical Systems
Construction, Simulation and Analysis of Boolean Networks
Bayesian Object Oriented Modeling
MCMC for Spike and Slab Regression
The Boost C++ Libraries
Boosted Multivariate Trees for Longitudinal Data
A modular framework to bag or boost any estimation procedure.
Boosting Beta Regression
Boosting Functional Regression Models
Boosting Methods for 'GAMLSS'
Model-Based Boosting
Optimized GWAS cohort subset selection for resequencing studies
Bootstrap Functions (Originally by Angelo Canty for S)
Function to find nonparametric BCa intervals
Bootstrap Effect Sizes
Derive Robust Feature Sets for Two or Multiclass Classification Problems
Bootstrapped Confidence Intervals for (Negative) Likelihood Ratio Tests
Bootstrap-MRMR Technique for Informative Gene Selection
Bootstrap Methods for Various Network Estimation Routines
Bootstrap Prediction Intervals and Bias-Corrected Forecasting
Bootstrapped Response and Correlation Functions
A Bootstrap Test for the Probability of Ruin in the Classical Risk Process
Testing equality of spectral densities
Bootstrap Subsamplings of Sparse Partial Least Squares - Discriminant Analysis for Classification and Signature Identification
Bootstrap stepAIC
Functions for the Book "An Introduction to the Bootstrap"
Fast, Exact Bootstrap Principal Component Analysis for High Dimensional Data

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