Man pages for GRridge
Better prediction by use of co-data: Adaptive group-regularized ridge regression

aucArea under the ROC curve
CreatePartitionCreates a partition (groups) of variables
dataFarkasContains three R-objects, including the data and the binary...
dataSimlinSmall simulated data set with linear response
dataVerlaatContains 5 R-objects, including the data and the binary...
dataWurdingerR-objects related to the mRNAseq data
grridgeGroup-regularized (logistic) ridge regression
grridgeCVReturns the cross-validated predictions
GRridge-packageImplements adaptive group-regularized (logistic) ridge...
helloHello, World!
matchGeneSetsCreates a grouping of variables (genes) from gene sets
mergeGroupsMerge groups in a partition
PartitionsSelectionCo-data selection in a Group-regularized ridge regression...
predict.grridgePredictions for new samples
rocProduces ROC curve for probabilistic classifiers (e.g....
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