Man pages for GSgalgoR
An Evolutionary Framework for the Identification and Study of Prognostic Gene Expression Signatures in Cancer

calculate_distanceFunctions to calculate distance matrices using cpu computing
callback_base_reportPrint basic info per generation
callback_base_return_popA base callback function that returns a galgo.Obj
callback_defaultA default call_back function that does nothing.
callback_no_reportPrint minimal information to the user about galgo execution.
classify_multipleClassify samples from multiple centroids
cluster_algorithmWrapper function to perform partition around medioids (PAM)...
cluster_classifyDistance to centroid classifier function
cosine_similarityFunction for calculating the cosine similarity
create_centroidsCreate Centroids
galgoGSgalgoR main function
galgo.Obj-classGalgo Object class
GSgalgoR-packageGSgalgoR: A bi-objective evolutionary meta-heuristic to...
k_centroidsFunction to calculate the centroids of different groups...
non_dominated_summarySummary of the non dominated solutions
plot_paretoPlot pareto front from an galgo.Obj
surv_fitnessSurvival fitness function using the Restricted Mean Survival...
to_dataframeConvert galgo.Obj to data.frame
to_listConvert galgo.Obj to list
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