test_that("camelCaseSplit splits the camel Case correctly",{
  expect_equal(camelCaseSplit("HelloWorld"),"Hello world")

test_that("punc_remove removes all punctuations from a string",{
  expect_equal(punc_remove("Best_RT"),"Best RT")

test_that("clearString changes all upper level letters to lower
          case and removes the punctuations",{
                         "this is msstats qc package")

# test_that("guessColumnName is returning the column names that we want",{
#   expect_equal(guessColumnName("prucurs"),"Precursor")
#   expect_equal(guessColumnName("minsttime"),"MinStartTime")
#   expect_equal(guessColumnName("aqired.time"),"AcquiredTime")
#   expect_equal(guessColumnName("max.time"),"MaxEndTime")
#   expect_equal(guessColumnName("wdrft"),"wdrft")
# }
# )

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