Man pages for MWASTools
MWASTools: an integrated pipeline to perform metabolome-wide association studies

CV_filterFilter metabolic data by CV
KEGG_metabolic_pathsKEGG human metabolic pathways
metabo_SENMR plasma metabolic profiles dataset
MS_dataSimulated LC-MS features
MWAS_barplotVisualize MWAS results in a bar plot
MWAS_bootstrappingMWAS bootstrap resampling
MWAS_filterFilter MWAS results by p-value and/or CV
MWAS_heatmapVisualize MWAS results as a multiple-phenotype heatmap
MWAS_KEGG_networkBuild a KEGG-based metabolic network
MWAS_KEGG_pathwaysMap metabolites into KEGG pathways
MWAS_KEGG_shortestpathsBuild a shortest-path metabolic subnetwork
MWAS_networkVisualize MWAS results in a correlation-based metabolic...
MWAS_scatterplotMSVisualize MWAS results in MS-based scatter plot
MWAS_skylineNMRVisualize MWAS results in an NMR-skyline plot
MWAS_statsMetabolome-Wide Associations
MWAS_SummarizedExperimentCreate a SummarizeExperiment object
plot_spectraNMRPlot NMR spectra
QC_CVCalculate coefficients of variation
QC_CV_scatterplotPlot MS-based scatter plot colored based on CV
QC_CV_specNMRPlot NMR spectrum colored based on CV
QC_PCAPrincipal Component Analysis
QC_PCA_scoreplotPCA score plot
STOCSY_NMRStatistical Total Correlation Spectroscopy - Academic use...
targetMetabo_SETarget NMR metabolites dataset
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