Man pages for MethylSeekR
Segmentation of Bis-seq data

calculateFDRsDetermine false discovery rate
MethylSeekR-packageSegmentation of Bis-seq methylation data
plotAlphaDistributionOneChrCalculate and plot alpha distribution.
plotFinalSegmentationPlotting final segmentation
plotPMDSegmentationPlotting the PMD Segmentation
readMethylomeLoad Bis-seq data
readSNPTableLoad SNP table
removeSNPsRemove CpGs overlapping SNPs
savePMDSegmentsSave PMD segments
saveUMRLMRSegmentsSave UMR and LMR segments
segmentPMDsPMD segmenter
segmentUMRsLMRsIdentify UMRs and LMRs
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