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keggLibrary is an example of the keggCodes library used by the function addKeggCodes, which automates the substitution of compounds names by KEGG codes. keggLibrary is a data frame containing a list of KEGG compounds codes in the first column and their respective names in the second column.




A data frame with 2 columns and n rows, where n is the number of compounds present in the library.


a list of KEGG codes for the compounds described in the second column.


a list of compound names related to the KEGG codes in column one.


For a high-throughput platform, the keggLibrary must contain all the compounds potentially identifiable by the protocol in use. Every time a new compound is added, for example in the GC-MS library, the same compound must be added to the keggLibrary.


Aggio, R.B.M; Ruggiero, K. and Villas-Boas, S.G. (2010) - Pathway Activity Profiling (PAPi): from metabolite profile to metabolic pathway activity. Bioinformatics.



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