Man pages for REMP
Repetitive Element Methylation Prediction

Alu.hg19.demoSubset of Alu genomic location dataset (hg19)
Alu.hg38.demoSubset of Alu genomic location dataset (hg38)
fetchRefSeqGeneGet RefSeq gene database
fetchRMSKGet RE database from RepeatMasker
findRECpGFind RE-CpG genomic location given RE ranges information
getBackendGet BiocParallel back-end
getGM12878Get methylation data of HapMap LCL sample GM12878 profiled by...
GRannotAnnotate genomic ranges data with gene region information.
grooMethyGroom methylation data to fix potential data issues
initREMPRE Annotation Database Initialization
optionsSet or get options for REMP package
rempRepetitive element methylation prediction
REMParcel-classREMParcel instances
REMP-packageRepetitive Element Methylation Prediction
REMProduct-classREMProduct instances
remprofileExtract DNA methylation data profiled in RE
rempTemplatePrepare data template for REMP
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