Using RProtoBufLib

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The existing CRAN package RProtoBuf implements the R interface to protobuf library. However it does not provide the c++ header and library file. So users are required to install the protobuf C++ library properly before they can install the packages that use protobuf C++ library directly.

To eliminate this system-wise library dependency and ease the installation process for the R end users, We provide RProtoBufLib package as a utility for package developers. It bundles ProtoBuf C++ library and exposes the c++ headers and static library so that user packages can compile and link against it once it is installed.

The RProtoBufLib package is installed in the normal R manner without the need of any user efforts.

All packages wishing to use the libraries in RProtoBufLib only need to:

Imports: RProtoBufLib
LinkingTo: Rcpp, RProtoBufLib
PKG_LIBS =`${R_HOME}/bin/Rscript -e "RProtoBufLib::LdFlags()"`

See flowWorkspace package for the example of using RProtoBufLib.

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