Man pages for RedeR
Interactive visualization and manipulation of nested networks

addEdgeBetweenContainersAdd edges between containers.
addEdgesAdd edges to RedeR graphs.
addGraphAdd graphs to RedeR application.
addLegendAdd graph legends to RedeR application.
addNodesAdd nodes to RedeR graphs.
addSeriesAdd series to RedeR application.
addSubgraphAdd subgraphs to RedeR application.
addSubgraph.listAdd a list of subgraphs to RedeR application.
attMap and set edge and vertex attributes to RedeR application.
calldCall RedeR app from R.
ceaCo-expression analysis.
deleteEdgesRemove edges from RedeR graphs.
deleteNodesRemove nodes from RedeR graphs.
deleteSelectedEdgesDelete selected edges in RedeR graphs.
deleteSelectedNodesDelete selected nodes in RedeR graphs.
deSelectEdgesUnmark selected edges.
deSelectGraphUnmark selected graph objects.
deSelectNodesUnmark selected nodes.
duplicateGraphDuplicate graphs in RedeR application.
exitdExit RedeR R-to-Java interface.
getContainerComponetsGet container components.
getEdgeIDsGet edge IDs.
getEdgesGet edges.
getGraphGet RedeR graph.
getNodeIDsGet node IDs.
getNodesGet nodes.
getSourceEdgeIDsGet source-edge IDs.
getTargetEdgeIDsGet target-edge IDs.
gtoy.rmRandom graphs and modules.
isDynamicsActiveInquires about RedeR current state.
mergeNodesMerge nodes.
mergeOutEdgesMerge out-edges between connected containers and transfers...
nesthcNest hclust objects to containers.
nestNodesNest nodes to containers.
pingTest RedeR R-to-Java interface.
RedeR.dataPre-processed dataset for RedeR case study.
RedeR-packageRedeR: bridging the gap between network analysis and...
RedPortThe constructor for the RedPort class.
RedPort-classClass "RedPort"
resetdReset RedeR app.
selectAllEdgesSelect all edges.
selectGraphSelect graph.
selectNodesSelect nodes.
setArrowDirectionSet arrow direction.
subgSubgraph of a graph.
updateContainerSizeUpdate container size.
updateGraphUpdate RedeR graphs.
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