Man pages for SJava
The Omegahat interface for R and Java

ArrayCreate and access elements of Java arrays from R.
convertFromJavaConvert Java instance to R instances and vice versa
defaultJavaPathObtain the Java path or other variable Sys.getenv
DollarAccessing Java classes, methods and field
DotjavaConfigThe default options for initializing the Java Virtual Machine
DotJavaSigsA vector of Java type specifiers
expandClassNameThe fully qualified name of a Java class
foreignReferenceCreate a reference to an R object for use by a foreing...
getForeignReferencesGet the names of the objects in the Omegahat system
getJavaConverterDescriptionsRetrieves descriptions for the registered converters between...
getJavaHandlerObtains the current R foreign reference manager
getMethodsList the methods or constructors of a Java object.
getNumJavaConvertersReturns the number of converters registered between R and...
interfaceGeneratorGenerates a template "closure" to represent a Java...
isJavaInitializedDetermines whether the JVM has been created.
JavaInvokes a Java method
javaConfigReturns a configuration object for initializing the Java...
JavaConfiguration-classClass "JavaConfiguration"
JavaConstructorCreate a Java object
javaHandlerGeneratorManages exporting of R objects to Java/Omegahat and calls...
JavaInitInitialize or terminate the Java Virtual Machine
javaIsPerforms class comparisons for Java objects
javaMatchFunctionsSymbolic constants for how classes are matched in conversion
javaSigConverts an R type name to a Java type
JavaTerminateTerminates the Java Virtual Machine
JClassReturns a reference to a Java class.
jdynamicCompileDynamically Compile a Java Class
mergePathMerges classpath specifications
mergePropertiesCreates the union of two named character vectors, converting...
OmegahatExpressionExecute an Omegahat/Java expression
omegahatReferenceCreates a local object representing a Java reference
removeJavaConverterRemoves a converter for R and Java objects in the R-Java...
RSJava.symbolExpands a name to a C routine name in this package.
RtoJavaSigReturns the Java type identifier for an R object
setConvertibleRegister a Java class as being convertible to an R object
setJavaConverterAdd a converter from Java to an R object
setJavaFunctionConverterRegisters a function to convert between R and Java objects
setJavaHandlerRegister a handler for exporting R objects to foreign...
SJava-internalFunctions for internal or illustrative use by SJava
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