Man pages for Streamer
Enabling stream processing of large files

ConnectionProducer-classesProducer classes to read file connections
Consumer-classClass defining methods for all consumers
DAGTeam-classConsumer classes for directed acyclic graph evaluation
Downsample-classConsumer class to down-sample data
FunctionProducerConsumer-classesClasses for user-defined Producers and Consumers
ParallelParam-classesClasses to configure parallel evaluation
Producer-classClass defining methods for all Producers
RawInput-classClass "RawInput"
Reducer-classConsumer class to combine successive records
resetFunction to reset a Stream, Producer, or Consumer
Seq-classProducer class to generate (numeric) sequences
statusFunction to report current status of a stream
Stream-classClass to represent a Producer and zero or more Consumers
Streamer-packagePackage to enable stream (iterative) processing of large data
Team-classConsumer classes for parallel evaluation
Utility-classesConsumer classes with simple functionality, e.g., RawToChar,...
yieldFunction to yield one task from a Stream or Producer
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