Man pages for TreeSummarizedExperiment
TreeSummarizedExperiment: a S4 Class for Data with Tree Structures

addLabeladd labels to nodes of a tree
aggValuePerform data aggregations based on the available tree...
asLeafchange internal nodes to leaf nodes
changeTreeChange the row or column tree
convertNodeTransfer between node number and node label
countLeafcount the number of leaf nodes
countNodecount the number of nodes
detectLoopDetect loops 'detectLoop' detects loops
distNodeCalculate the distance between any two nodes on the tree
dot-checkLDF'validLDF' is to valid a 'LinkDataFrame' object.
dot-checkTSEvalid TreeSummarizedExperiment class
findAncestorFind the ancestors of specified nodes
findChildFind the children
findDescendantFind descendants (or offsprings)
findSiblingfind the sibling node
isLeafTo test whether the specified nodes are leaf nodes
LinkDataFrame-classLinkDataFrame: A S4 class extended from DataFrame An S4 class...
LinkDataFrame-constructorConstruct a LinkDataFrame Construct a LinkDataFrame object
matTreeTransform a phylo object into a matrix.
phylophylo: A S3 class for the phylogenetic tree
printNodeTo print out the node labels
resolveLoopResolve loops 'resolveLoop' resolve loops by adding suffix to...
shareNodeFind the share node
showNodeFind nodes on the tree
signalNodefind the optimal nodes to short result.
tinyTreeA simulated phylogenetic tree with 10 tips and 9 internal...
toTreeTranslate a data frame to a phylo object
trackNodetrack the nodes of a phylo tree
TreeSummarizedExperiment-classAn S4 class TreeSummarizedExperiment
TreeSummarizedExperiment-constructorConstruct a TreeSummarizedExperiment object
unionLeaflist leaf nodes that are the descendants of at least one...
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