Man pages for aCGH
Classes and functions for Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization data

aCGHClass aCGH
aCGH.processProcess data in aCGH object object of class "aCGH" from Sproc files
aCGH.testTesting association of aCGH clones with censored or...
clusterGenomeclustering and heatmap
colorectalColorectal array CGH dataset
computeSD.funcFunction to estimate experimental variability of a sample
fga.funcFunction to compute fraction of genome altered for each...
findAber.funcFunction to determines focal aberrations
findAmplif.funcFunction to determine high level amplifications
find.genomic.eventsFinds the genomic events associated with each of the array...
find.hmm.statesDetermines states of the clones
findOutliers.funcFunction to identify outlier clones
findTrans.funcFuntion identifying the transitions
gainLossFunction to compute proportion of gains and losses for each...
heatmapCreates heatmap array CGH objects Chromosomal Information for UCSC Human Genome Assembly... Chromosomal Information for UCSC Human Genome Assembly...
impute.HMMImputing log2 ratios using HMM
impute.lowessImputing log2 ratios
mergeFuncFuntion to merge states based on their state means
plotFreqStatfrequency plots and significance analysis
plotGenomePlots the genome
plotHmmStatesPlotting the estimated hmm states and log2 ratios for each...
states.hmm.funcA function to fit unsupervised Hidden Markov model
summarize.clonesExtracting summary information for all clones
threshold.funcFunction to indicate gain or loss for each clone for each...
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