Man pages for bsseq
Analyze, manage and store bisulfite sequencing data

BS.chr22Whole-genome bisulfite sequencing for chromosome 22 from...
BSmoothBSmooth, smoothing bisulfite sequence data
BSmooth.fstatCompute F-statistics based on smoothed whole-genome bisulfite...
BSmooth.tstatCompute t-statistics based on smoothed whole-genome bisulfite...
BSseqThe constructor function for BSseq objects.
BSseq-classClass BSseq
BSseqStat-classClass BSseqStat
BSseqTstat-classClass BSseqTstat
computeStatCompute a test statistic based on smoothed whole-genome...
data.frame2GRangesConverts a data frame to a GRanges.
dmrFinderFinds differentially methylated regions for whole genome...
findLociFind methylation loci in a genome
fisherTestsCompute Fisher-tests for a BSseq object
FWGRanges-classClasses FWIRanges and FWGRanges
getCoverageObtain coverage for BSseq objects.
getMethObtain methylation estimates for BSseq objects.
getStatsObtain statistics from a BSseqTstat object
goodnessOfFitBinomial and poisson goodness of fit statistics for BSSeq...
hasGRanges-classClass hasGRanges
plotRegionPlotting BSmooth methylation estimates
read.bismarkParsing output from the Bismark alignment suite.
read.bsmoothParsing output from the BSmooth alignment suite
read.umtabParsing UM tab files (legacy output) containing output from...
smoothSdsSmooth the standard deviations using a thresholded running...
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