API for cisPath
Visualization and management of the protein-protein interaction networks.

Global functions
cisPath Man page
cisPath,character,character-method Man page
combinePPI Man page
combinePPI,character,character-method Man page
copyHTML Source code
easyEditor Man page
easyEditor,character-method Man page
formatPINAPPI Man page
formatPINAPPI,character,character-method Man page
formatSIFfile Man page
formatSIFfile,character,character,character-method Man page
formatSTRINGPPI Man page
formatSTRINGPPI,character,character,character,character-method Man page
formatiRefIndex Man page
formatiRefIndex,character,character-method Man page
getMappingFile Man page
getMappingFile,character,character-method Man page
getResults Source code
networkView Man page
networkView,character,character,character-method Man page
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