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An S4 class that stores normalised matched genomic data from multiple platforms and/or laboratory conditions (e.g. from microarrays, RNA-Seq and other sequencing assays).

List Components

This class has two slots, names and data.


character vector contains the names of each data type (e.g. RNA-Seq, Agilent etc.). Must be the same length as data.


list of numeric matrices of identical dim, rownames and colnames where each matrix contains the measurements from the platform/condition described in names. Rows of each matrix correspond to genomic features and columns to samples. Must be the same length as names.


MultiMeasure objects have a show method that describes the dimensions of the data, in the form: MultiMeasure object with i platforms/conditions, j samples and k measured loci.


Tim Peters <>

See Also

MultiMeasure constructs MultiMeasure objects.

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