Man pages for dcanr
Differential co-expression/association network analysis

cor.pairsFast pairwise correlation estimation
dcAdjustAdjust for multiple testing in differential association...
dcanr-packagedcanr: Differential co-expression/association network...
dcEvaluateEvaluate performance of DC methods on simulations
dcMethodsGet names of differential co-expression methods
dcNetworkGenerate a differential network from a DC analysis
dcPipelineRun a DC pipeline on a simulation
dcScoreCompute scores from differential association analysis
dcTestStatistical test for differential association analysis
getSimDataGet data and conditions from a given knock-down (KD)
mi.apMutual information using adaptive partitioning
perfMethodsGet names of performance metric methods
performanceMeasurePerformance metrics to evaluate classification
plotSimNetworkPlot source and true differential networks from simulations
sim102Simulated expression data with knock-outs
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